Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weird Pros and Cons

Ork Weirdboyz are a unit I'm taking a serious second look at with the new edition.  I think the figure above is going to be getting some friends if I can manage enough variety in the models.  On to the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The advantage most people are talking about lately is the ability to get multiple Waaaghs in a game.  The new Dakkajet has been quite successful for me, consistently destroying a unit the turn it arrives.  An addition chance at 18 twin-linked shots would be nice, but this one is really just a minor bonus as far as I'm concerned since my flyer rarely lives long.
  • With the new rules, they are much harder to pick out in close combat making them a bit more durable than before.
  • As long as people are using multiple force org charts at 2000 points, you can field multiples with less risk.  My Orks rely heavily on a Warboss to do the heavy lifting in melee.  Without one I get swept by dedicated close combat units with frightening speed.  At 2k a Warboss and 3 Weirdboyz are an affordable option and give me a nice set of options for dealing with any threat.
  • The final advantage, the reason I'm considering them, is the ability to auto-hit with their shooting powers.  The Zzap power is a S10 AP2 36" range melta shot, and since Ork powers don't need to roll to hit this spells death to just about any flyer out there.


  • The weirdboyz are still quite fragile.  T4 with 2 wounds and no armour save will often mean that a failed look-out-sir is death.
  • Random powers can be awfully frustrating.  Even with a reroll it is quite likely that you won't be getting the power you need when you need it.
  • With the new wound allocation rules the 'eadbanger power is riskier than it was before.  It nearly guarantees a wound on the Weirdboy and reduces the number of models in range for look-out-sir making him easier to kill with shooting.
That's my quite summary on why I'm now considering a previously unfieldable unit.


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